About International Orders:

Launsport is happy to announce that, finally, they have begun to take International orders for their WRC aero-parts.

Launsport will be able to ship some selected products to overseas destinations. Please be aware though, that due to the careful craftsmanship of these mostly hand-made parts, there are still limitations. To name a few; Launsport can only accept payment by bank wire transfer and offer only the items on it’s “International Orders” page at this time. We want our International customers to know however, that we will be working hard to bring more convenience and choice as the bugs are worked out and production capacity is realized.

Also, we hope you will accept our apologies for the delay in answering some of your messages and questions. These delays are due mostly to the fact that we’re still working on finding more efficient methods of shipping these oversized parts, offering shipping quotations, and answering your questions. Therefore, for the convenience of all our International customers, we would appreciate you keeping your questions limited to only what you are interested in purchasing now or the very near future. We are confident that our ordering system will improve in the near future and appreciate you patience.

 International Order Terms and Conditions

Payment Terms of Sale Bank Details
 Bank: KEIYO
Branch: NODA
 Branch No.: 251

 Acct Type: Savings
 No.: 2302271
 Name: Launsport

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